Please build this. 28/35 mpg and starting around $28,000.

I am OK with 130 hp 4-cylinder, although a 200 hp V6 would be better. I am even OK with FWD, though an AWD option would be awesome. No, I don't want a Prius with a bed, unless you give it big ground clearance and suspension travel.


Alternatively, a high-mpg small turbo diesel would be fine. Not everyone who wants a truck needs gobs of stump-pulling torque and blue-collar dumptruck load capacity. Just get me down the road to pickup some lumber from Lowes, or let me toss my messy snowboard gear in the back and drive through a few inches of snow. I use about 25% of the capability of my current truck, and for that utility, I get half the gas milage of my daily driver car. Please someone fill this gap.


Everyone who isn't this guy