Don't get me wrong, I love Aces, and I loved Grimace when it was roadworthy. However, Toyota's engineers can suck a fat one. This little light pictured above, is not connected to any sensors, despite its label. No, someone thought it would be awesome to tie this thing into the odometer.

Now why would someone do something like that!? Well, the light comes on every 30,000 miles. Its only purpose in life is to annoy you into going to the dealer or mechanic "for service". How do they take care of the light?

That little white connector hanging there. This is a pic from a friend's Celica Coupe. His "reset switch" was located on the top of his left kick panel. A week ago, I went looking for Aces' since the light was on, and couldn't find it on the kick panel, or under the kick panel. Last night while I was swapping drivelines again, I went poking. Turns out, mine was up under the dash near the two knobs on the left of the above pic.


Once I found it, it was a simple, pop the cap, flip the switch, put the cap back on. Boom, no more light. I also remounted said switch just under the steering column for the next time.