A proper Toyota GT86 Primo for your time

So earlier as part of a post, I said/implied some not nice things about the Toyota Prius.

I need to take some of that back. Why? Well, because I just got back home after riding in the back seat of an Uber driver’s 2011 Prius.

Yes, just like this one


I was nice.


Sure I still don’t think it’s a car for my taste, but it was so much more better than I ever thought they have become [full disclosure: I have previously driven/rode shotgun in a 2nd gen Prius (CVT), Honda Civic Hybrid (CVT), and a Nissan Maxima with and without a CVT]. It was comfy (even though my head was hitting the ceiling in the back seat), spacious, handled really well. The owner/driver said that he only uses Power mode (said ECO mode was waaaay too slow) and it easily keeps up with traffic. And I agree.


As for its CVT, I barely heard it. Granted, he had the radio on, but it was low enough that we could talk the whole time. He did say that after several weeks of driving it after purchasing it, he didn’t even notice it any longer, and it felt normal to him. As for me, it’s going to take some more time to get use to CVT like my driver has. But I have to admit, masking the drone and other quirks of a CVT by any means is a good start.

There is one major drawback of modern hybrids and other high MPG cars that is of no fault of any owner that is unfortunately a necessary evil put upon us all: in the effort to meet CAFE standards, car manufacturers use low rolling resistant tires to help boost a car’s overall fuel economy. The road noise that enters the cabin of a vehicle is naseating!

(probably one reason why I never heard the CVT in the Prius but like I said, no fault of the owner*)


So I want to extend my sincere apologies to any and all Prius owners for saying/implying anything negative about your car. It’s a pretty cool car. I think it no longer deserves to be referred to as beige. Maybe one day you can fully convince me that CVT don’t suck (looking at you Mr. 4DSC, Nissan Maxima).

And I want to thank my Uber driver/owner of Prius for answering my questions about your car. I really appreciate your understanding of my curiosity. You were most deserving of more than the 5 stars I was allowed to rate you.

Lastly, I know I had picked on Prius drivers about this but it goes for any driver of any car on the highway: DON’T BE LIKE THIS

...you give other drivers of those cars such a bad name. STOP IT.

*sure, any owner can buy another set of tires. but really the car manufactures shouldn’t compromise to begin with.