Dear Turn10/Microsoft

If you were to grace Forza Motorsport 7 with actual new-to-the-franchise vehicles like these two I’m about to plea ask, I promise to never consider buying a ps4 again.

Firstly, the car that has a special place in me heart due to being my first ever car. The 1985 Nissan 300zx Turbo. HELL, I’d be ecstatic with even the N/A version. (Ahem and this was also a car available in Gran Turismo (I wanna say 2 but don’t hold me to it).


For numero-two-o, I know the Crown Vic was in Horizon. But that left me like Mick Jagger: I received a severe lacking of satisfaction.

Do us a solid and show us one of the few times in history where rebadging worked out better than it’s original.

Mercury. Marauder.

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