Death of the FJC

What do you think of this analysis?

Personally I never really liked what CALTY did with the body and I’m in the camp that believes that the novelty of the vehicle wasn’t lasting. I think if Toyota had stuck to a more conservative body shape and design that the FJC might still be with us today.


The next gen prado is just around the corner, a new FJC might be a thing, hopefully before the next recession.

Given the market has moved decidedly to 4 doors maybe they just thing the 4runner is enough...and it might be. If Toyota made a 4runner with 3 changes and sold it as an FJ cruiser replacement it would sell like mad.

Simplified shapes - nothing convoluted and pandering, but something aesthetically pleasing and iconic. Jeep knows how to do this really well. Its not like Toyota doesn’t have a healthy history to plunder. The FJC was a caricature of the FJ40...don’t do that. It could like like a straight 70 series if you wanted.


This, with a removable top, would be perfect for the 2 door, though the 4 door is what would actually sell.


damn thats an iconic, no nonsense shape. all business.

Removable roof - This is a really really big appeal to the success of the wrangler. It’s not an easy undertaking but it’s appealing and probably worth exploring. taking the roof of the 76 above wouldn’t even be too hard and would look much like the 4 door wrangler does now.


Full press off-road - They should pull out all the stops on their top trim off-road model. Front and rear lockers, skids, room for a 35 inch tire, etc. They don’t all have to be that way and most wont, but you need something to aspire to. Frankly I think putting a solid front axle in alone would win you lots of cred but I understand why thats getting harder and harder to pull off and probably not worth the effort.

Basically I want the 70 series and I don’t think it would be hard to imagine a large customer base for something iconic looking and rugged in this market.  

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