Portland, OR: VW dealers are now offering a simple de-badging service, free of charge to all the loyal TDI owners who frankly don’t give a shit about this whole debacle and would prefer to continue driving their cars for all the same reasons they bought it in the first place.

Badge DeFlosserschmidt, owner of VW of Portland, OR, said today in an interivew:

While I have been rather disturbed to hear that it’s even a concern for our loyal customers, I am pleased that they have a simple solution to the unsolicited comments and harrassment they have been receiving, which is also quite frankly undeserved, as they were totally unaware of our Corporate-Sponsored Deception at the time of purchase. We have already seen a dozen or so cars come in for the simple debadging service since we announced it locally yesterday, and our customers seem pleased with the simple modification that allows them to continue not giving a shit what other think about their efficient little cars, while ‘Muricans everywhere are rolling coal all over the goddamn place, and driving V8 1/2 ton pickups to commute to their office jobs in suburbia.

For a small fee, we will even re-badge with a simple 2.5 or similar demarcation, for those who wish to combat lies with further lies.

In other news, truck and SUV sales are making new records as gas prices fall, because all we Americans care about is “what is the max monthly payment I can afford for the biggest cushy box to haul around my fat ass” and not about how much pollution those extra gallons of gas are causing.