Debating a car purchase

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I am currently in the market for a sports car (sort of a graduation present to myself). I am kinda conflicted on a car to buy. So far I have test drove a 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca in Ingot Silver. I love how rare it is and it has a great price. I also test drove a 2007 Z06 I did not enjoy as must as the Boss 302 LS. This weekend I plan on test driving a 2017 GT350 and a 2012 GT500 and maybe a classic 64/66 Mustang we well.


I think it will likely be between the GT350 and the Boss 302 LS. Any advice Oppo on which I should purchase? The exclusivity of the Boss, the side pipes, and the style are all great. The GT350 though has the much loved yet accident prone Voodoo engine, it also is not as exclusive as the Boss but I have always wanted a Shelby...

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