It's tail lights are not from an Audi concept. They first appeared in 2008 on the MKR concept.

The grill was not meant to copy other designs. Look closely it is a brilliant example of integrating the Lincoln star into a mesh grill.

The headlights are another brilliant example of the designers integrating the star emblem into the design. They are not copied from an Acura.


So maybe the wheels look a tad like the Accords. Wheel designs look the same across the automotive world. Get over it.


If you want to criticize the rear end looking too Bentley look at this link of a comment made by Abe Froman. Almost every notable luxury brand has a similar styling on one of their models. This includes Rolls Royce were Bentley likely got their design.

If you are worried about the grill indent on the Bentley and the Continental "copying it" please see Jaguar, K900, early 00's Astons, Quattroporte, etc. It is called a common styling feature.


Side profile looks familiar? Again common styling feature for the roof line. In fact a similar roof line can be found on the 61 Continental. Think the belt line is copied from the Bentley Flying Spur? Yeah that was on the Lincoln Mark III almost 50 years ago:


My point is the Lincoln, like almost every car in the industry shares styling features with other cars. In the modern day and age when there are regulations on passenger protection and everyone is concerned about aerodynamics for efficiency that is bound to happen.

The Bentley boys were being a dicks and likely annoyed that the Continental is a better design than the hideous Fly Spur.

Hope this alleviated some of your concern about the design. Well done Lincoln. The Continental design team should be proud.