A guy here at work wants to free up some of the restrictions in the Head of his 460. Have you guys done this before? I helped him find some parts on mcmaster carr, any other places I should look? Anything in particular I should look for? He isn't looking to spend too much.

He is currently building up a 460 for his Bronco, to replace the 351 currently in there. So far he has a kit to advance the timing and a new timing chain, bought a new cam for it and he mentioned he got a decent intake for it as well. He's narrowed down the 460 to be from 71-79. He found that some of the aforementioned things free up some significant power that this engine was robbed of during that era.

As far as the deburring he read that some people free'd up as much as 40hp by cleaning up the exhaust ports.

ps. That is not me, nor do i wear shorts like that.