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Decals and looking like fools.

So today I saw a 2013-2014 Kona Blue Mustang with a white Mustang Boss style stripe going from the top of the front fender down and along the bottom of the side of the car. At the tip of the stripe on the fender was written “Mustang Chaos”.

Now, I know that all modern mustangs, regardless of installed engine, have the potential of being very fast, even deserving of being called “Chaos” (which is a trim or dealer installed aftermarket package that doesn’t exist, at all). However, this car was not one of those who’s potential was exploited.

It was a bone stock, BASE model V6 automatic driven by an individual in their 50s. How can I tell? The bone stock part is easy, roll down my window and listen, I have a 2012 V6, I know how these engines sound both stock and modded and this one was whisper quiet. No intake snarl when the throttle was pushed and no exhaust sound for traffic crawling. The exhaust was also the factory mufflers and said factory mufflers are the version that indicate that the car is automatic (look for a smaller diameter tip deeper within the main tips, the manuals don’t have this likely to make them louder than the autos). Then there’s the wheels which were factory and the first indication that it’s a base model. It’s the 17 inch wheels (by 7.5, pretty narrow) that ford has been using on the base models sice the 2010 redesign. Plus the decklid spoiler was absent.


Why slap on a decal with a “name” that promises so much on a car that won’t deliver? I have a cold air intake, a catback exhaust (borla), ECU reflash for 93 octane and the VCT is tweaked, 18 inch wheels wrapped in michelin pilot super sports and a few suspension tweaks and Honestly, that’s not a lot of extra over stock at all. I would never dream of trying to upsell my car’s “image” like this. Why people, whyyyy?

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