Decent computer upgrade today

I went to get a leaking tire repaired today, hoping to spend a few hours at the local Micro Center just poking around. Well, the tire shop could either work on the car if I left it all day - not an option - or if I came back on the 13th, also not an option. I guess I’ll keep pumping air into it every few days until I can get to a shop.

Anyway, I went into Micro Center anyway, and started digging around the clearance/markdown section. Now keep in mind that my main gaming rig isn’t exactly state-of-the-art (Athlon X4 965 overclocked a little, 8 GB, 2 x GeForce 9800GT), the main app I want to run on it is Flight Simulator X, so it’s OK.


I’d been thinking of upgrading the video card, but anything I could afford was not that much better than my existing setup. I think I solved that problem today - I found a GeForce GTX 560 for just $21, and it seems to be working fine. I figure it matches the vintage of the other components in this system (2011), and considering my main app dates back to 2006 this should be just fine. The Windows experience score went up considerably, with the HD being the limiting factor instead of the video. Everything on the screen seems sharper than it ever has before, so even if that alone was the only improvement it was worth the $21.

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