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Kobo Libre H2o. Library and options win over Amazon, well, I’m not heavily invested in. But I can take what I have on Amazon, and do a conversion easy to epub and am good. Besides, the library is the real deal. Not only does Rakuten own Kobo, but they also own Overdrive and provide 90% of the e-lending library services.


I may lose access to all the tasty Amazon exclusive/unlimited stuff, but I don’t read romance, and I can wait. Or if I really need that book right now? Well, I have no problem with the once in a while conversion to my formats.

My mom, however, I’ve directed to just get a kindle paperwhite. She needed something and after poking around the library access through overdrive, you can indeed choose the format your book is in, so for her, it makes sense. Shes 75. She needs easy to use.


Mine is white/grey and shall come with me on my boring trips. In my library, it appears everyone else has stocked up and put their names on lists. For example, like Fantasy? Nearly every Brandon Sanderson book is 8-weeks out. Yeah.

So at least there’s enough of whatever to go around. I almost bought a Likebook. +$30 more, but I just wasn’t sold on it’s long term durability. This Kobo Libre is proven and solid. I can make do with it and its nearly 100g lighter. done. It’s also $80 less than the equally nice Kindle Oasis.

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