Decided Not To DIY...Ouch.

My Ranger Was leaking coolant (and oil as I would find out later). I could smell the coolant, so I went looking. It was at none of the usual spots so I googled “Vulcan 3.0 coolant leak” and saw lots of posts about it leaking from the timing chain cover. I went right out and looked annnnnd it looked like my timing chain cover was growing algae.

Not my truck, actually no idea what vehicle this is from. I just wanted to get your attention.

I planned to DIY but it seems with the torsion suspension (maybe regardless of the torsion suspension) that the oil pan needs to come out and thus the transmission. I found a couple of videos that detailed shady ways of doing it without removing the transmission, but those videos were posted by people who really knew what they were doing, or had no clue what they were doing. All of them had tools/engine cranes that I don’t have. Even if I did have the gear, it did not look like something I could get done in an afternoon on the side of my street.


So I decided to let someone do it. Timing cover gasket, oil pan gasket, and I added a water pump since, it’s right there. Around $200 in parts. The grand total...$1,565! Definitely the largest gap between parts and labor I have experienced in my history of owning cars. While expensive, they fixed it quickly (4 days) and I formed a great relationship with a new shop right down the street from my house.

One of the nice things about owning and maintaining a couple of M3's over the past 12 years is that $1,500 is just another trip to the inde mech. With the ranger most fixes are had for less than $100.

I’ve been putting off resurfacing the driveway, because of the leak so now I can get to that!

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