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Decided not to speed + Speed trap = Great day

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So I usually drive to work..briskly. Not today. Fucking motorcycle cops on an overpass + Speed Trap. Rant time.


So I clip along at a decent pace, maybe 80 in a 65. It's darkish, 6 a.m., and not many cars. We flow nicely. It's a 4-6 lane highway. Not justifying my actions but explaining them.

Well today the road seems empty...too empty. Wah wamp waahhh (good bad ugly. Sing it) So for someone miraculous reason unbeknownst to my right foot, I decide to slow down to 65 and get in the middle lane. Not 15 seconds later BOOM, get lasered.


These fucking bike pigs sit on a highway overpass shooting people through the fence, then a couple more pigs line up on the on ramp on the otherside and pull over the speeders.

Anyways. Speeding is bad. I would have deserved it. Hiding speed traps piss me right the fuck offt though.

Have a Lancia for your troubles.

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