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Staying with sprint because I can get a loyalty bonus that would cover most any higher end phone lease this time around. If not, I’ll cut early to verizon. The whole point was to hang on to them one last cycle until 5g hits in about 2 years nad then move to VZ anyway.


I posted earlier about unlocked phones for the purpose of replaceable batteries and owning the thing instead of paying lease rates. Money saved overall in a long term. It pays for the mini restoration. Nobody needs an i8/s8. I don’t.

But, looking at emerging tech actually nearing the corner, it might be safe to save that plan for the cycle after next when I can keep that 5g phone for 4 years or so (as batteries we can touch will also be making a comeback) Instead of buying a mid level thing that boatanchors sooner. Yup. Grind may score a point against the Biz.

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