Winter Tires for the Subaru! UPDATE: Think I found a better solution

After doing some research, I’ve decided that I definitely am going to do some sort of performance winter tire for the Subaru this winter. Yes I live in Southern California where winter doesn’t really happen so snow tires are rather unnecessary in general. But I want to take this car skiing since I’ve got a season pass good at Mammoth for this coming winter so I’m sure to head there through some rough stuff. I think I could get by with all seasons but I’d rather avoid the chain restrictions almost entirely (yes I know I have to keep them in the trunk anyways, but at least not use them). Anyways, instead of going for maximum winter grip with studless tires, I’d like to get a set of Performance winters so at least driving to work isn’t terrible all winter long. Anyone have suggestions for performance winters that will survive lots of dry weather use followed by the occasional blizzard? I’m also probably gonna make a driving trip to Salt Lake City since now Solitude was added to my pass as an unlimited mountain! So highway noise is a priority for the tires as well.

I have to check my tire size, I believe this one would not work.

My current vote is on the Falken EUROWINTER HS449 in whatever size I can fit on the oem bbs wheels. My summer tires are nearly toast so I will probably just swap them out in November for snows and then get different wheels and summer tires in the Spring so that I have two sets.

Also, my new skiis arrived!


Based on some great suggestions from Oppos, I think I have found a better solution. Nokian WRG3!


This is an “all season” tire that is actually ALL season rather than no season compromise bad at everything. After a post regarding the chain laws in california and some more research, I have learned that M+S all seasons qualify as “snow tires” so far as the law is concerned. I still want a tire with REAL snow performance and this is supposed to be an actual option. I still wont canyon carve with it but I think I can surive a season with only one canyon carving vehicle (#firstworldproblems). At least then it can still drive to work without melting the tires in a month.


I think a 205/50 should fit based on this:


If not, I will have to keep looking since they do not have my exact size.

I guess I could get the newer WRG4 for more money though if I really want to stick to my size. I have to imagine the new tire must be better anyways:


Anyone know any other places to buy Nokians from? I cant find many websites that carry them. I will check a few local places to see if they can get them for similar cost.

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