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Decided to call it quits after a half-day of work

Been so burnt out lately. I’m sure I haven’t worked as hard as many of you guys have, but I got tired of looking at insurance stuff today.

Went for a walk, picked up a shepherd’s pie for dinner (it’ll probably last me a couple of dinners but that’s okay because I love shepherd’s pie, even though technically it’s a cottage pie) and an Italian sandwich of spicy sopressata/pickled eggplant/lettuce/tomato which I just devoured. When I saw the cross-section I thought about taking a picture but by the time I finished that thought a quarter of it was already gone.


Now it’s time for whiskey, maybe watch some Youtube, and will probably fire up the Switch later since I haven’t played it in a while.

I hope your Friday (and your weekend) goes well, Oppo.

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