This is such a good sports sedan and a criminally unsung and overlooked driver’s car. Anyhowdy doody, I have decided to use ALL of my savings to pay off the XF. Emergency fund, future house down payment, the whole kitten and noodles.

Ive messed around on Excel for the last week and thought over how my new position impacts my current lifestyle. In the end, paying the remaining $24,464 makes the most sense. This will completely deplete my savings including emergency fund and future house down payment.


I mentioned a few months ago that I’m done worrying over how much I make and focusing on how much I keep a month, and honestly that has been the best perspective change I have ever made.

In practice, a pay raise probably won’t net you an extra $100 a month by the time it makes it into your hands. However, cutting out payments and subscriptions — car, Netflix, reaffirming your masculinity through imported guinea pig-themed calendars — could yield another $200 to over $1,000 in your hands every month. Can you imagine what a huge salary increase you would need in order to keep your current lifestyle while gaining another $600 in your hands a month after taxes and deductions?

That’s where my mind is and where I’m going.

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