Decision dayz.

Truck spent the morning at the dealership. Tech spent an hour with it and came back with headgaskets; -no misfire or codes on startup, air through heatercore, overflow bottle discoloured, exhaust smell in rad and overflow.

Estimate is $5040 for new headgaskets including machine and pressure testing the heads. 4 days in the shop and they are booking 2 weeks away. They’ve only had one Tacoma go through this with higher mileage - after they replaced the headgaskets on that truck it turned out to have a cracked block.

A new used 1GR-FE is available for $4000 plus install costs.

Over at the Sales desk they are offering us $5000 trade-in for the truck as is - I get to strip my rack, lights, gear, winters, ?canopy? off it first and then they take the keys.


New 2017 truck is $47,808.88 -> $42,208 after trade.

There is also a 2014 Limited that was sold but the deal just fell through; $43,674.40 -> $38,074 after trade.

What to do, what to do...

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