So I have a truck. I have three years of payments left on said truck. It spends 95% of its time parked right where you see it. I have a little Honda next to it. It’s has no years of payments left on it.

The decision isn’t to keep the Honda. It’s in sell condition now. I’ve cleaned up the interior, replaced the seats, detailed it as good as all get it. Wonderful little driver. No, the decision is whether or not I sell the truck and use the equity in it to get an older (1st gen Tundra, perhaps) pickup. My wife has a 2014 Grand Cherokee with 19k on it for our reliable family vehicle. I’d sell the truck and drive the Honda until the right deal is found.

Money isn’t an issue, and truth be told, we’d just end up wasting the saved car payment on something else. I consider the cars nearly a hobby expense. I’m just bad at keeping cars any length of time! I blame my wife, every time I want to get something old (it’s easy to just go through cars when they’re old and cheap) she tells me to get something new that I’d keep a while. Ha! Right now we have 4 driveable vehicles to 2 licensed drivers.