So we are repairing the M37 tailgate and I have 1952 plates that are not the same dimensions/holes as the modern plates that came off it, plus they were military and never had plates to begin with sooo.... Anyway I have to decide where to put the rear plate since we have to change something, the tool rack is on there as well. I am kind of moving away from having it on the gate at all. thoughts? I still have to see if CA will require a light, or if it’s exempt since it never had one and it’s an old vehicle. Also the measurements for a 1951-54 plate are strange, they have holes at very odd places for US standard measurements. The plate is like 1/8 under 14" etc... why would they design it that way? Or they were made in a prison and just crude?

Here are some options I have seen:




The previous owner put a light over it before he sold it to me. 

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