I’ve taken a deeper dive into the world of used Miatas, trying to find a nice example of a NC2 or NC3 with the LSD. That generally means I need to look at Touring/Grand Touring on the NC2 and Club/Grand Touring on the NC3 where it was an option. I’d prefer a GT for all the niceties (cloth top, leather seats, seat heaters, etc), but it isn’t a dealbreaker.

Anyway - I’ve found a couple after following up with the seller of a very nice turbo Miata who decided he no longer wanted to sell it after putting me off for well over a week.


First option - 2009 Touring with suspension and LSD. Two owner, less than 30k miles. Checked it out in person as it’s somewhat local. Mechanically, it seems great (as it should for the miles) but cosmetically it has been somewhat unloved - needs a new top, full detail/cleaning at a minimum. Owner initially rejected my offer of $9k, but came back later and said they’d agree if it was still on the table.

Second option - 2010 Grand Touring with suspension and LSD. Two owner, less than 80k miles. It’s about three hours away, so I’d just need to do a virtual walkaround. Asking $11k, have yet to try and negotiate.

Both cars have good histories and have been southern cars, so rust shouldn’t be much of an issue (though the 2009 has some corrosion underneath on the cat and nearby rail). I could put a new cloth top on the 2009 and eventually upgrade the rest of the interior to make it as good as a GT and then have a low mile car for under $10.5k, or go for an actual GT and see what kind of price I’d get there but have a much higher mile car. Neither one is a terribly desirable color (silver/white), but not certainly not offensive.  My first NC was silver, after all.

Third option - keep looking.

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