Got a few decisions to make in my life now, What shall I do?

There's two shops that are considering taking me in; both have a good pedigree. One of them is a few blocks away, while another is a highway commute. The farther shop is also a bodyshop. which is your pick? (the detailer I'm working at on weekends is not giving me enough hours)

I'm also considering a project, already. I saw an old GD non-turbo Mazda MX-6 up for sale that needs a reasonable amount of bodywork and repair, but has been a very reliable daily to the previous owner. I take that car, and make it an autocross killer. Or...

Just get a car in better shape to daily, of around the same age. maybe a Toyota Celica/Supra or any other similar car, I'm open to suggestions for something reliable enough to be a daily, yet be sporty enough for a toy, as I don't have space for both right now, and having both is not a good option right now.