Heading down to LA with Toby tomorrow, and am trying to decide whether to take the GTI or the Sunchaser. GTI offers creature comforts and turbo goodness, and Sunchaser is Sunchaser. These, my fellow Americans, are the questions that test us in these trying times.

Our intrepid CaptDale will be meeting Toby and I once he throws of the yoke of Subaru bondage Friday evening, and Toby will be excited to show him the Beverly Hills Marriott (one of Toby’s favorite hotels). The Capt is going to help me shop for office furniture discarded by failed businesses. We will feed upon the dead. Which reminds me, we are going to a horror movie exhibit Saturday night, which should be cool. The real scary part is (BUFFER IMAGE FOLLOWS)


I fear that CaptDale has nefarious plans for me. Somewhere along the way he got it into his head that I need to go dancing at a nightclub. To quote Mrs. IM, “But you don’t dance.” I was more of a dive bar/pool hall kind of guy, and “dance floor” was more “mosh pit” in my younger days.

But the Captain does not appear to be easily dissuaded, and I suspect my excuse-making skills may be sorely tested. Methinks a battle of wills may be at hand. If I do not return, you can find the culprit on Oppo.


Anyway, should we spend Saturday driving to warehouses in the GTI or the Sunchaser?