Decisions of the shifting demographic.

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The car guys before me were folks born in the forties like my dad and uncles and their friends, who were and still are into the 50's Elvis age cars, some early sixties stuff; really not too far into muscle cars. But what about us in our own middle-age 40's? Is a 57 Thunderbird still desirable? Does it still check your boxes? What are your thoughts?


The 55 and 57 chevvies are still favorable for muscle car builds platforms but stock? Showroom fresh? The prices are slowly going down as the enthusiasts are aging out. I ask because I have a standing offer on a 57 T-bird, with porthole top, v8 + manual. Not the desirable Y-code. Original - Not perfect (paint needs a respray). But I find myself with a like for the design and the history of the piece, but leaning towards a meh over the car as a whole because I didn’t grow up with it as a wow piece of now in my life like the 50's kids did.

I’m interested. I like old things. It’s a nice ride. But I wonder if everyone else feels the way I do about these classics.

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