On the way to look at the Subaru tonight (more on it in a minute) my dd asked what I'd do with the one I have, was I just going to let my sister drive it until it dies or what? I said probably. He then said we should look for a new engine for it and I told him that it would probably cost almost as much as the car did. He then said "Maybe we should yet drop a V6 in it. Or a Hemi."


Now, on the the Subaru. The guy that's selling it is a parts manager for a Subaru dealership. The engine looks clean, and I could see that there were new gaskets on some stuff. The Check Engine light is on but that's a rear O2 sensor. The interior is cloth with no heated seats :( However, it feels a lot better than mine driving wise. It shifts smoothly and doesn't seem to have quite the lag mine has pulling off from a stop. Overall, I like it, though I think I'll see about looking at the other one if possible. If I got this one, the rims would be sold to some ricer as soon as I find a set of steelies or other stock rims. Also, I'd be seeing what it would take to at least stick my nice heated leather seats into it. I'd like the door cards too, probably.