I admit it. I only have a propane torch, and I don’t have a bench vice, and I don’t have a big enough adjustable wrench. I took off the rusted/stuck leveling link, top link, and stabilizer links from the tractor’s 3pt hitch and took them to the local John Deere dealer. They will soak them in the waste oil drum over the weekend, hit them with the parts washer, and heat the fark out of them with the acetylene torch and big wrenches... If have to buy a new top link I’m OK with that, but the stabilizer links and leveler link are unique Ford parts and el-expensiv-o. On the plus side all the electrical problems are solved. It has an am/fm Bluetooth/SD/USB/media deck, 18 watt LED flood lights, and working fan and cab lighting. I ran some DieselKleen through it and it runs like new. About as quiet and smooth and responsive as mechanical-injected 1.5l OHV 3-cyl tractor engine will ever be. Seriously, as quiet and smooth as a new John Deere. Hydraulics are strong and the transmission feels great. Smooth shifts, strong clutch, good synchros. So all the expensive stuff is in great shape. Hopefully next week we’ll mow the west pasture!