But I wrote this for someone this morning, and it hit me as decent enough to share.

Ok fine. Have it your way astrology.com (edit, even as I should make it known I'm not a big horoscope guy, but the thoughts that come along are interesting)

-We're all going to die one day. You. Me. Everybody. Get over it and live a little.

-while you are living, consider that everyone around you is as well. You think you have drama? Pfft. So does everyone else. So accept their drama as a human condition, and be tolerant of it, and by extension them.


-in the same light, don't disparage others behind their back. No place for that. Say it up front or you are merely stirring one of two pots. One pot: their hearing is better than you think and they are only getting stronger. Or the second pot: you are causing damage to someone just as special in their own way as you are in yours. How can you morally justify that? If you got beef, bring it and resolve it up front.

-let kids be kids. They only get the chance once. They are not living in your era, they are living in theirs. And what that means is that you have no place to reshape their world to cling to the comfort of your fading existence. They will shape their world just fine, and what it looks like to you might be alien, but to them, it is a paradise of their own making. They will come up fine, and one day be frightened by the next generation too. They will fuck up. You did too. Let them figure out the dissonance of that situation in their own way in their own time.


Do not tame the lion youth.

-sometimes it is good to let go. Even of perfect things. Because perfection is such a subjective thing. And beneath the mental shadow we cast, anything can be perfect in our eyes, but may not objectively be what we really need.


-stop looking at that screen. It is rotting your brain. Startling stat: 90% of your time is spent looking at a screen of some kind. Until they network our brains, we are dysfunctional Borg. Stop in a crowded space today. Close your eyes. Deep breath. Open your eyes. Look around. Everyone is entranced with their device and that creeps the hell out of me. The absolute hell. So put it down for a day. You'll Live, I promise. Don't make me eulogize free thought prematurely.

-get eight hours of sleep a couple nights a week. You'll be glad you did.

-lion youth: respect your elders. They are partially confused by the world, and can't adapt as flexibly any more. Don't sacrifice who you are out of respect, never do that. But, be ambassadors and show us olds the best of the world you are creating, and bring us your problems too. We may be able to provide the perspective of experience. We may live in different worlds, but we are all human.


-find one thing to get up for every day the night before. It will help prove you wrong when you think you have nothing to get up or live for.

-love is a chemical process. Forget that fully while you are in it, and fall into it often. But if you fall out of it, remember it is a chemical process and you will survive not having it on hand.


-thank someone earnestly for a small thing today. For all you know they got out of bed this morning and their entire mission today was to serve you for one small moment with their entire being and all their effort. Try not to make that effort feel wasted to the giver.

-strategize for the implausible. You might actually win the lotto one day. Think rationally about what you would do. You might actually end up disabled in a wheel chair one and one hair shy of bankruptcy one day too, so think rationally about what you would do then too. Always have a plan for any situation that could unfold.


-get up and go to work when the economy is good and you are flush. You are not indispensable. They notice when you aren't there. And when the economy tanks and your employer is not flush, you will, perhaps, save your bacon with good attendance.

-we are all going to die one day. Try to live whole in the interim.

Clayton smith, crazedclay, January 22, 2014