Defying Expectations

Stereotyping is bad, y’all. And sometimes we all do it, even despite our efforts to see the world beyond our biases.

This morning I pulled up behind the ULTIMATE C6

just like this

It was a cyber gray ZR1 with chrome wheels. I started to salivate a little because I could hear the rumble of the blown LS with just a touch of blower whine as I pulled up beside it.

I looked over at the driver, expecting to see a dude in a suit or a racing team’s polo, or a bro in gym gear and wraparound sunglasses - despite the fact that it was too cloudy to need shades this morning.

Driving was a 40-something black woman, wearing a purple halter blouse with a business skirt. She had a suit jacket sitting in the passenger seat. Her hair was a short natural Afro and she had very subtle makeup. Based on her appearance I’d say she was a lawyer or executive at one of the banks.

Now - there are two stereotypes that came into play here:

  1. The car - Usually, in my mind, there are just a few kinds of people who buy a ZR-1, and they’re all male. Typically involved in some sort of automotive industry, or just had to have the fastest Corvette that existed.
  2. and this is a little harder to admit - is the racial and gender stereotype. Now, in my mind, a black woman with high income would drive a luxury import - or if it’s an American car, it’d be a full-size luxury SUV. Never a 600-horsepower, manual transmission brute of a grand-touring/sports car.

So, woman in your ZR1, thank you for reminding me that my biases exist and that I should continue to challenge them.

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