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Deleted my mechanical fan and gained HP & MPG

Why the hell do vehicles still come with mechanical fans? It’s kind of amusing to see the logic that goes into vehicle that are designed today.

More specifically the pickup truck sector. They are faced with the difficult task of trying to use advancements in technology and engineering to make a better vehicle without pissing off people that don’t want change or more electronics or things that can fail on their truck. Case and point is the mechanical fan.


The 09+ 1500 RAM HEMI trucks come with a clutched mechanical fan running off the waterpump pulley and an electric backup fan to supplement it.

The V6 model on the other hand uses a MASSIVE electric fan to cool the exact same radiator and helps that little engine to be quite fuel efficient too.


So here comes the mod. On a 09+ RAM 1500 HEMI you can delete the mechanical fan, huge shroud, and small electric fan. In its place you gain almost 2 feet of engine room and put a OEM denso fan that is plug and play.

The only caveat is you need a tuner to change the fan ON setting lower to kick in around 200* instead of the 220* it is currently set to when the mechanical fan can’t do its job.

The final product is WAY more room to work in the engine bay and I have noticed more fuel mileage and also a bit more power in the seat of the pants. Also got rid of that annoying ROAR of the mechanical fan on a cold start that everyone knows.

What’s your thoughts? Why didn’t this come stock? Was it to keep the old timers happy? Discuss!

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