The unfortunate situation many car guys are put in is recommending what type of car somebody will buy; oftentimes resulting in the person asking for your help to buy something different than what they wanted in the first place. So first things first, when my Friend asked me what car she should buy, I recommended a dodge viper. I also went to the white trash section of craigslist and Recommended a rusty 93 dodge caravan & a ford F250 with over 200,000 miles. Sarcasm and absurdity didn’t make her go away, She actually wants my help.

Upon further questions, the only parameters I got to recommend a car were that it’s Japanese and safe. Not knowing how much money she has to spend, I just went ahead and recommended a Mazda 3.

In general I like the mazda 3. At work I get to park these every now and again. The new ones have a really nice interior, and non-car people really get amused by fancy stereos and stuff. If she doesn’t have the money for a brand new one, the older ones ain’t too bad either.

Usually I get slightly mad at people when I recommend a car and they pick something different. In the case of the mazda 3, I won’t get mad if she picks a bigger car on the basis of safety, because I deliberately picked a small car. However, I’ll be kinda happy is she actually gets a Mazda 3 because that means for once somebody bought a car that I recommended!