Delivering on a Promise

I’m so cool I already modded it bro. Pulled the front license plate mount off.

I promised to spam you with f30 pics, this is me delivering. Hopefully the captions make it worth your time.

The douche initials plate is even more douche plate on this car - who knew that would be a thing
I’m so artistic and stuff - alternatively, the weird wide angle of the iPhone XR makes it look like there is some camber going on. I promise you there is not and will not be.
no fun caption, I just like this one - the draft shows this one posted three times. This is why you’re on the rocks kinja 
all of the quality was lost on this one - all of it.

But what is all of this about?! I thought you had a Miata, Tysmagic??!!
You are correct, I did - here is the update post on that and the details on the 340:

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