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Got a delivery today.

Bilt Hamber Autowheel, wheel cleaner and fallout remover in one.

Soft99 Glaco, glass compound roll on.

Bilt Hamber Atom Mac, water-borne migratory anti-corrosive.

Angelwax H2GO, water repellent for glass.

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Atom Mac, dilutable. 2ml to 1 litre of water.

Bilt Hamber atom-mac is a migratory and contact corrosion inhibitor that is diluted in water before use it provides protection against corrosion in both open spaces and hollow voids. The powerful migratory phase corrosion inhibitors are liberated from the product and are carried in vapour phase to form an invisible atomic shield against corrosion of ferrous metal.


Protects vehicle undersides, water collecting voids, braking surface, suspension, bicycles, garden equipment and machinery - wherever corrosion may occur. Can be added to rinse water to prevent flash corrosion of grit blast or surfaces chemically cleaned with deox C or GEL for example. Safe on painted surfaces.

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How To Use

  • Dilute from 2 – 5% in water and spray on surfaces to be protected.
  • Atomise onto brakes discs and surfaces after washing the vehicles and allow to dry (use 1-2% in water on motorcycles and bicycles and 5% on cars with disc brakes).
  • Atomise into voids to protect interior surfaces at a rate of 2ml (of neat product) per litre of space. atom-mac should be diluted to 2- 5% to neutralise corrosive winter road salt and sprayed liberally on vehicle undersides this rate also provides invisible protection to bicycles, machinery tools and equipment.
  • To use post deox C or GEL, or blast cleaning treatment 2% added to the rinse water is sufficient to eliminate flash corrosion and protect the treated item. Sealing in plastic bag or container traps the migrating corrosion inhibitors and adds further protection.
  • Bilt Hamber Atom-mac can be used in pressure washers and can be applied to the entire underside where it will neutralise road salt and emit power corrosion inhibitors, it should be applied at the end of each wash. Even wet cars can be put into storage allowing the migratory inhibitors to protect the entire vehicle. Aim for 2% atom-mac strength from the pressure washer nozzle.

I’ve some Soft99 Raindrop coming in the next couple of days too.

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