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303 Aerospace Protectant,

Gyeon Bathe+,

Gyeon Cure and

Gyeon Wetcoat Essence.


303 Aerospace Protectant you all know, though I only use it for dressing engine bays as I’ve other products for other plastics around the vehicle such as Gtechniq T1 Tyres and Trim for Tyres and well, erm the trim, Einszett Gummi Pflege Stift for door seals, Adam’s Invisible Undercarriage spray for wheel arches and Gtechniq C6ab matte anti bacterial dressing.

Now the toys that take so much time out of cleaning a car.

Gyeon Bathe+. It’s a car shampoo that contains Si02 to seal the car with a hydrophobic layer. Simply add 10-15 to a wash bucket or add a small amount to a foam lance and wash the vehicle, rinse and dry.


It leaves wash’n’wax back in the dark ages.

Gyeon Cure. Is an Si02 based sealant, simply spray on and wipe off, can be used as a drying aid to aid drying and reduce any water spots and leaves a lovely gloss behind.


Either spray onto a microfibre cloth and wipe and then turn over the cloth and buff.

Or spray onto a cloth and wipe into the wet car to dry and leave the said gloss or spray areas of the wet car and towel dry.


Last is Gyeon Wetcoat Essence. Is a concentrated version of Gyeon’s Wetcoat, which is a spray on a wet car and water pressure activated sealant. The Essence version can be diluted down 5:1 to 15:1 (the company recommends 10:1 is the best ratio) and spray onto the wet car and rinse.

Tomorrow (later today) I’ll be using my neighbour’s VW Eos as a test vehicle by using Bathe+ and adding a 2-3ml of Wetcoat Essence to it to boost it a little and applying it via foam lance and see what I get from it.

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