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My kid didn’t have to make dinner tonight. To support one of our local businesses, our community organized a mass delivery order. The package was a 10 inch pizza and bottle of red, white, or sparkling. We all placed online ahead of time, and it was delivered to our park for distribution. The place is called Pizza Getti.  Cute  


The pizza is good. I like a bit of crust to chew on, enough so you’re not forced to fold it unless you want to, and this fits the bill. The sauce isn’t too sweet, and the toppings are fresh. I got the veggie.

The wine is a blend I’ve never seen before. It’s half Merlot, and the rest is Cabernet and Sangiovese. Predictably, it’s fruity and not too deep. A little bit acidic, but not too bad. I’m drinking it at room temperature, so it’s not getting an entirely fair shake. But it isn’t bad.


Cheers Oppo.

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