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Dell 7300 Convertible with Ryzen 5 Initial Thoughts.

I am posting from my new Dell 2-n-1 that work gave me. It is very nice so far, at least for an ultrabook. The screen is nice, but a little too glossy. The keyboard is going to take getting used, the key spacing is just a little different from my last ultrabook. I prefer small laptops since I carry it everywhere, I never know when I might have to work. Besides the weight it makes a terrific tablet and I am glad a opted for the 2-n-1 this go around. It plays Overwatch very nicely at 720p, it will play at 1080p with settings turned down. The speaker(s?) are decent for a small laptop. The whole thing is metal and seems like it will hold up. The Ryzen does not disappoint.


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