Yes, I am fully aware the DeLorean did not make the cover of the video. I let my kids choose the picture that needed to be on the front, and the Huracán had to be it. But there is no denying that I seriously... and most definitely... still love the DeLorean way too much. This was an automatic, which I would not get if ever in the position to buy one, but man do those Giugiaro lines make me smile ear to ear. It is in the music portion, along with an Skyline R34... Which almost made it on the cover...

The show was busier than normal, even given the fact that I arrived at a late 8:30am that day. It must have been because the Chiron was there last month, and naturally the great weather. I was filming in a T Shirt again. Texas, you have rained on us a lot, but you chose the right day to keep it dry!

Before you click on the video, there is a legend below that allows you to bypass my intro vlog if you are not interested in my hopes / dreams and channel related stuff.

Let me know what you think!