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DeLorean Stories

We all have one. This one is pretty damn good:

I’m playing YouTube catch-up since I was on vacay last week, and barely had time to watch anything.


My story?

I was a fan of the BTTF movies, saw them all multiple times, and when I got my first automotive job out of high school, I was changing oil. That was when I saw my first DeLorean up close. It wasn’t a time machine, it was a beater that leaked oil, had dents, and the license plate SW1NGER.


The PRV V6 leaked and sounded bad, the engine cover was cracked and flimsy, the seats torn and covered your pants with foam when you got out.... but it was a FRICKIN DELOREAN. Even driving it around the building post-oil change at 3mph was a blessing.

This was before mainstream internet, no one knew how BAD these cars were, sure you could go look up old magazine articles at the library but no one did that, you just heard hand me down stories from older people and took it as gospel.


Or you watched the movie and believed the DeLorean was some mystical thing.

Which, dammit, its not.

But it CAN be.

If you add some helicopter parts to it.

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