Ride: I love rear engine planes. It’s like having rear drive car. You just get this shove from behind rather then pull. This applies to take of as well as when in the air and the engines are throttled up.

Seats: they’re okay for an airplane. A little tight and not very comfortable. I prefer Southwest 737-800/900. There were also maybe 15 people on the plane so plenty of room today to stretch and breath.

Noise: It’s pretty loud. Could barely hear the flight attendant but I was 4 rows from the engines so that’s to be expected as well.

Ride: On the ground you can definitely tell your in a small plane rather then something 737 sizes. In the air it’s not too much different from others. We were flying with a storm front so a bit bumpier than usual.


Overall: Its a plane. It works and it got me to my destination. 7/10 would fly again.