What the FP people don’t seem to grasp- a roll BAR and a roll CAGE are not the same thing. What’s in white is NHRA legal to 10.0. Once you crack 135 mph you need a full cage as shown in red. You can easily live with an 8 pt bar as shown, and the side bars can be removable for street use (swing outs that are unbolted). A 10+ point is a different animal. Not to mention that safety equipment is designed to work as a system- cage+bar+harness+helmet+padding.

Some of the other stuff once you crack 9.99/135 are a master electric cutoff, a comp license, window net and a chassis sticker (as of the 2017 NHRA ET quick reference guide).

It isn’t too fast for the strip it’s too unsafe for the speed according to the NHRA.

And for what it’s worth, a full cage is not always legal* on the street, nor are 5 pt harnesses that are not DOT approved and mounted in the stock locations. Yes, you can get busted for this, at least in NJ.


Just because you have racer safety gear does not mean you are safer on the street.

* Might not be expressly illegal but you can get hassled for it.