If any of ya’ll fine people want a cat, our impending out of state move is suddenly happening friday and we can’t bring ours with. She’s around 2ish, we took her in off the street and she seems to prefer indoor life, she’s not spayed or declawed. She’s very sweet just shy around strangers, and we have food and litter and toys and stuff to go with her. We got her shots last year but she may be due for something soon I’m not sure we’ll have to try to find her records, but we really don’t want to have to leave her at the shelter. We’re near Wadsworth and Belleview but can try to work with you on pickup/drop off.

Can’t seem to upload pics because kinja but she’s black and white, her name is cricket because she chirps a lot but we usually just call her cat so name her what you will.

Pictured- Lexus HS which I had no idea had ever existed until I saw one yesterday.