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Depleted Fleet

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Sunchaser - broken exhaust/muffler - shop

X1/9 - engine work - shop

Alltrack - borked rim after blown tire on highway at 80mph (fun!) - awaiting new wheel/tire tomorrow


GTI - Mrs IM driving to work

subie - Artie Lange nose, but running and driving for the kid.

Cressida - doesn’t start, but may be sold short term (thanks Oppos, I know I owe some photos to one of you.


Vespa to work today. I should get my fun out of it while I can. I am considering letting the kid take it to college. This might be a bad idea...chewing on it.

Did I mention. Mrs. IM is letting me shop for a motorcycle? Shhhh.... don’t tell. I am trying to find time to go look at some used bikes at a local dealer for ideas.


I am also of the idea that it might be silly for a man my age to be considering his first motorcycle. We will see how this turns out.

Illustration for article titled Depleted Fleet

Pumpkin thinks I am entirely ridiculous in every way, so any sort of adjustment seems foolish to her.

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