Deposit Received on the Viper!

Took the Viper to visit some fellow missiles at White Sands Missile Range

In 10 months I’ve put over 9,000 miles on my Viper GTS, and that’s enough for me. Nice guy from Dallas sent me a deposit and is flying out next week to drive her home. Selling for $500 more than I paid so if you don’t count gas, insurance, and tires, I’m only out about $750 from the tax I paid on it last June. Basically, lease a 14 year old viper for $75-100 a month? Can’t complain about that!

Though...If you count tires, add an extra $2,000 haha!!!

I have a pretty good idea for what’s next, but options are still open. Also might be getting sent overseas shortly, so might just wait until I get home to pull the trigger on something new.


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