Depressed Colloidal

I want to improve the handling on my GTI. I asked about rear sway bars, and the vocal consensus was that I should look at my suspension first. I already have lighter wheels and better tires for summer.

So I took a look at it, and I think it needs improvement. I am ONLY after handling improvements, and not trying to drop my car like the typical VW crowd seems to do. I really do not want the car to be much lower than a stock Golf R, so I am not looking for a huge drop in ride height.


I also do not want to impact ride quality much, if at all.

Changing a car’s suspension is always a compromise, but I am looking to keep this daily driveable and not a racecar.

Am I better off with springs and dampers, or should I go for a full coil-over kit? If I go coil-overs, I will probably have them set to max height as I am not looking for insane lowering and just want better handling.

Or should I leave it alone and just learn how to drive better?

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