I brought home a new toy yesterday!

its a coleman/fleetwood Niagara. its huge, its got 2 king beds, a heater, a water heater, toilet, shower and outside shower, 3 way fridge and so on...its amazing. The depressing part was towing it home; I went up some steep hills backways to avoid traffic since I don't have a 7 pin light connector yet and up the steepest hills (10% or so) I was doing 38 mph...floored. this thing weighs 2800 lbs empty and had a GVWR of 3350 and my truck is rated for 5000...

Depressing is thinking If I will have to sell if (the trailer) for something lighter and less awesome or sell it (the Cruiser) for something that can pull it like a 4th gen 4runner or Tacoma.

Granted, the engine is 240,000 miles, but even with a top end rebuilt and new head, I don't think it would be much better. I was looking at turbo systems for ~$6000, but then I realized I would need to do a top end rebuild (4 grand) and an trans upgrade ($1000) before I could be happy with the reliability...so $11,000. At that point, I sell the cruiser for $8000, and buy a 4th gen 4unner with the v8 for $20,000


I'd like to do some freeway pulling just to see how bad it really will be, as soon as I get an adapter for the lights. I don't mind doing 50 over the big passes...I really dont...but if I can't do 40; thats a line right there.