Are sedans becoming less relevant? If you are a run of the mill non-car person, are sedans becoming a less and less likely option? I mean for a practical do-it-all kind of vehicle, they are perhaps the least useful.

hatch-back: practical rear cargo area, efficient

wagon: large rear cargo area
crossover: hauls family, cargo, easy to get in and out of, can still have great economy
SUV: for people that need a crossover, but don’t care about fuel economy AND/OR for people that need to tow
Truck: can do work-stuffs

So sedans slot between hatch-back and wagon, but really have the benefits of neither. The can probably get very close in efficiency of a hatch back. But other than that, do they have a THING? Besides the advantage of being the classic go-to car-shape that a child would draw when asked to draw “car”.

I personally love sedans! But, if you take our passion for the automotive out of the equation, how often would you land on sedan for your next practical car choice?