Describe your ideal car!


2-seat soft-top, light blue or silver. Timelessly styled inside and out.

Long hood, short deck, pronounced haunches. Low, long, wide stance

Elegant, flowing curves, no sharp surfaces. Beauty through restraint

Modern design, though free of the craziness that appears on new cars.

Thin-chrome window surrounds


Large, smooth V12 with a flat torque band

Quiet at idle, deep, rich bellow at full throttle

8-speed auto with quick, smooth shifts and long gears

Predictable, agile, fluid handling

Acceleration to thrill, but not the focus of the vehicle


Elegant, masculine, minimalist design

Leather bucket seats, armrests, dashboard, carpets

Light-beige leather and carpers

Silver aluminum dashboard face and instrument cluster


Great setup for a date night, a trip to Palm Beach, or a spirited coastal-road drive. GT car with a sporting twist. Close match would be a DB9 Volante or an SL65.

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It’s just a modern version of the car I thought of 2 years ago. I liked how everyone was so different then, let’s see if they still are.

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