so I recently starter playing Gran Turismo 4, and it had been a challenge.

Some observations:

Do not, for the love of everything holy buy a Honda City Turbo 2 as your first car. It might look like a really cheap, fun and capable little car. It isn't. There is a reason why it's so cheap. Too slow even for the Sunday cup. I had to slave away many laps to raise some money for upgrades. I put in a total of $25.000 into that car. It did not help at all.

As soon as possible, buy a Suzuki cappuchino (ea11r). Cheap and awesome with cheap drivetrain mods.

Go to the suzuki dealership and play the Suzuki k-car race on Autumn Ring. Easy money. 5k for 4 laps.

Do not spend all your money on a MG F for the MR cup. It was $24.000 and it is useless against the NSX and Esprit turbo that dominate the MR series.


Cars are worthless after you buy them.I wanted to sell my 24k MG after one race and all I could get was $1.200. Yeah no.

Do buy the 95' Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Turbo. Goes like hell, sounds like a spaceship and outperforms a Ford RS2000..

I repeat: do not buy the Honda Shitty Turbo 2. It's a disaster.

These are my observations so far after playing for about a week.

(this is my first time posting mobile)