Descriptor for the Elegy RH8 (fake GTR) in GTA V:

Illustration for article titled Descriptor for the Elegy RH8 (fake GTR) in GTA V:

Born in the fires of Mt. Fuji and tested on some German toll road, you can finally legally own this legendary supercar without the fear of having your door kicked in by the FIB because they’d rather crush import cars than catch terrorists.


If you go into the mod shop and check out the bumpers one of the options is a front lip spoiler that reads “Yours”, a reference to the Japanese tuning company “Mine’s”

I laughed. And there a ton of references like these for other cars.

The Grand Theft Auto team has some legitimate car enthusiasts. Some Oppo as fuck car enthusiasts evident by the “I’m Not a Hipster” update.


I’m currently addicted to the PC version.

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