I’ve finally found a clean 2008 135i in manual with 75k km. Price is ok and the condition is amazing (owned by a local dentist). Cons are it’s CCC Idrive and not a fan of cream interior leather. What I’m finding hard to justify is spending $23 grand (aus) extra from my 2005 dc5 type S which has done 150,000km. Age wise only a few years apart, similar interior, I have more infotainment with my Sony head unit. Both have leather and sunroof. Mine has 5 cupholders vs the bmw 1. Interior quality is something I’m really big on.

Insurance costs are actually less for the bmw. Future value for mine seems to be holding. I have a mortgage, but a decent job. The bmw does have cruise control and is much more comfy whereas mine is now very tailored for autocross. Opinions?

Reasons for changing are basically I want a change after 5 years and want to try rwd for a while.